Lets Talk About Traffic Exchanges Part 2

Hello again,
Yesterday I told you that in my example, working Traffic
Exchanges would make you about $1.20 an hour.

This is what many people are doing.
We’re going to do it the right way.
You will start out with that, but we’re going to increase
it fast.

We’re going to get you credits faster, increase your
conversion rates, and help you get more from each

This system is what I use, and it’s what I’ve coached
many people on – and it works.

The secret is in getting referrals.

When you get a referral for a Traffic Exchange, you’re
going to get anywhere from 1%-10% of the credits they  earn.

Let’s put this into perspective.

This is going to end up using a lot of math again,
so bear with me. Just remember to go slow.

We’re starting with surfing 200 pages an hour. This
is giving us a referral in 2.5 hours.

Well now we have a referral, and we’re earning, for
the sake of example, 5% of their credits.

So we’re getting our 200 Credits and our Referrals
10 credits (5%). This is giving us 210 credits per

Now we’re getting a referral in 2.38 Hours.

So we’re surfing along, and get another referral.

Now we have our 200 Credits, 10 from our first referral,
and 10 from our second, that’s 220 per hour.

Now we’re spending 2.27 hours for a referral.

Two weeks pass, and we’ve gotten 10 referrals.

Our 200 Credits, and 100 from our Referrals.

Now we’re getting a referral every 1.6 hours.

You see, it takes time, but in that two weeks we went
from $1.20 an hour average, to $1.87
That’s a 67 cent raise in two weeks.

Not very much, right?

But this is just a start.

Later I will show you how to increase this until
your Traffic Exchanges work on autopilot.
I learned a lot about Traffic Exchanges from John Bell,
who is a big name in the TE Industry and owner of
Traffic Swirl.
You can take his free course here: http://trafficprofitpro.com/r/858

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