List Viral is here! Join the hottest mailer on the internet today!

What’s the most important thing when it comes
to using viral list mailers?

It’s simple, it’s results!

– Do my emails get delivered?
– How many people click on my ads and open the messages?
– Are people signing up to my offers?

Matt Baker Launches List Viral using the
same script as List Nerds.  So if you liked
List Nerds, you’ll love List Viral.

Join ListViral today and get the results you’ve
been waiting for in all your mailing campaigns.


Two Incredible OTOs…

$97 Premium Yearly – Regular price $29 a month1!
*Email Every 3 Days
*Email 10 Levels Deep
*25 Credits Per Click
*Email 3000 Bonus Prospects
*Email Free, Pro, and Premium Members
*30% Commissions

$47 Pro Yearly – Regular price $9.00 a month!
*Email Every 5 Days
*Email 5 Levels Deep
*15 Credits Per Click
*Email 1000 Bonus Prospects
*Email Free and Pro Members
*20% Commissions

RegardsMats Jacobson


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