MailPoet newsletter from your blog

If you read this, the chances are good that got here by my new WordPress plugin
called MailPoet.
The reason you don’t recognize the mailing is that you are moved from various
list to MailPoet.
As you see it’s a much nicer look and then I don’t even have used all of the features.

One of them is as you see as a subscriber. Is that you get every posting at my blog. Before this, I had to go to every list and send my mail separate. This saves me time. And I get all stats I like very easy. And members can easily unsubscribe if they like.

I warmly recommend MailPoet as a plugin in your WordPress installation. For the moment I use the free version and it’s looks great so far.
So head over to or make a search in your “Plugins” directory for it.

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