Marketing Secret revealed at Facebook

I found this comment at Facebook which must share with you.
It explains very simple mistakes newbies and even seasoned
do when approaching promising customers eager sell at every cost,
situation and time:

At Facebook from Paulo Salvador which was reposted from
Don Shan. Those will have the credits for this.


Two mistakes amateur network marketers make:

(1) Speak to too few people
(2) Say too much to them

Being able to consistently recruit/sponsor comes as a result of a full
pipeline- a large group of people you have built a relationship with over a period of time.

Something is important to learn is:
Say less to more people.

And you don’t need to say too much to the right people- simply ask good questions,
listen and direct them to the right tools. They will sort themselves out and give
themselves a chance to be in your life changing opportunity.
It’s actually that simple!

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