New Orders From GBS HQ, Attention!

We had a team leader meeting yesterday and it’s always interesting to see our progress and what we can do better.
So here are some words from our Coach Kris.

This week’s traffic slam:
This week TE Surfing will come from TE Surf Academy (So join and use).
Plus Traffic Ad Bar….
Once you guys build up enough Points…..TAB will promote your link to many members across different sites
Use your TAB links developed and promote into other TE’s or even to send out in Mailers
It will build points back into TAB and boost you higher up the ladder.
The goal is Level 10 for everyone at TAB .

Our Strategy Plan:
You can always start over and build your online business.
Now for EACH of YOU….this goes for your Teams also.
As you read each level I have indicated an amount of referrals and programs to build.
Your referrals should help you earn through this entire plan.
So that will help you determine where your business is at and what level you truly are on building your online business base on Referrals and Earnings.
This week or next week I plan on adding Dollar amounts of earnings to hit
base on each level.
So you can get an idea of what I expect you to be earning by each Level.

But for starters
Let your AIOP Earnings determine your level.
AIOP is the foundation of your income to help you achieve the next several levels.
Until you get to Level 5 where the game changes.

I can also add, he talks very much about readers are leaders. That is true and I can admit that I also need to re-read our plan. Especially now since the plan is totally revamped. However, I don’t feel too bad since I’m reading the TripleA Plan for the fourth time now.
That plan is constantly updated.

Basic rules for Great Bitcoin Strategies are as you should know by now is to.
– Show up
– Communicate
– Commitment
– Endurance, no slacking.
– Focus

This is your business, not an expensive hobby.

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