News from Charles at GBS

Welcome to our old and New Members here at Great Bitcoin Strategies
We are happy to have you here with us as we continue to build our Team using
GBS Rotators.
We understand that some team mates are not good at building teams, recruiting
new prospects or even advertising.

That’s Okay!

With our team rotators we are helping each other grow. The Team Leaders of the
Rotator is recruiting for you and inviting your prospects to join our Skype Chat group.
Now we need each of you to join our Chat Group and communicate with the team.
We have found that team mates who communicates with our team, their sponsor
and their Team Leader. Stick around to build their online business and earn
a residual income.

However you have a few who joined our site to just “check us out”. I mean who
does that?
Either you join to find a “online home” or you join to make your money and
learn how to advertise.
With our Task Force Echo Team. you can learn to do all 3 within GBS.

We have updated some programs in our Referral Builder and urge you to log
in and add your username/id’s to each program.
Those that ignore these simple steps has loose out on commissions and a
referral in certain programs.
Talking about programs we have a great new addition called Cash Wave.
Team members are cycling and earning already with this straight line cycler.
Lets get all our members to log into Great Bitcoin, register for
Cash Wave in our downline builder step 1 section.
Purchase a Puddle Pass position, 1 Typhoon position and 1 Kringle Position.
Then let GBS go to work to help you cycle through as a team.
If you have the budget to do a paid Cash Wave yearly subscription for 22 bucks.
That will push the team tremendously to help

We are developing a strong strategy, a Team Building Project push and LCP
campaign coming soon to help build a starter income for everyone who takes
the leap to join our Online Journey towards Christmas Cash.
If you would like to find out about our Christmas Cash strategy. Email me at
admin {@} with the Subject Line:
“I Need Christmas Cash” Have $10 dollars ready and let us set you up to earn
cash for this Christmas.

Again communication is the key to our success. I will email you back and ask
you to set up your account and advertising with the team.
Along with instructions to follow.

Do I dare say serious inquiries only?
I feel i should not have to say that due the quality people we have here with
GBS who wants more income driving into their online business….

I don’t want to sell to you
I Want to Inspire you

To Our Success!
Charles Mcclure
owner/admin GreatBitcoinStrategies
P.S. If you live in the USA and would like to earn a quick 30 Bucks.
Email me about our Rush Card Program.








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