Not often I join a new Traffic Exchange but this….

I really like the traffic pole to split all the traffic credits to the members, just surf 100 pages and you have done your part.

Why is it better to be a Traffic Marketplace member, than to have your own TE site?

Traffic Marketplace is a completely innovative Traffic Exchange site that shares 97% of traffic and 95% of earnings
between members. We are the first site of this kind that has combined online business with Traffic Exchange.
So as an active member you will not have the headache of script, programmer, payment processor fees, promo
materials etc. The only part you need to do is the promotion. The bigger your team is, the more credits and earnings you
will receive.

As a traffic exchange site owner you will have just 2 kinds of earnings:
1. Sale of credits from member surfing
2. Sale of advertising space (start pages and banner impressions)

As a member of Traffic Marketplace you have 6 ways of earning credits and money.

1. Circle pool
2. Credits from referral surfing
3. Sales of credits
4. Fast start bonuses
5. Company revenue
6. Percent of downline sales

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