OK so where are we with Qpro4U Traffic Exchange?

Robert & Josh has come up with some interesting changes to their PRO traffic exchange for more traffic, referrals and earnings. Read on! It is very interesting!


OK so where are we with Qpro4u...

Since Josh and I took over we have been pondering 
how to make a pro only TE actually deliver the two
contradicting aims of a Pro TE (to deliver traffic)
and the paid philophesy of delivering income.

And of course the implied benefit of greater
conversion rates because everyone using the site is a
proven buyer.

Its a heady cocktail of claims, that while on the face
of it seem plausible arguments, its notoriously hard
to deliver.

But here is the good news, I think we cracked the
formula...Read on to find out how.

1. The monthly fee while nice to get monthly residual
commissions is a nice idea, what normally happens is
when the 2nd part of the contract isnt fulfilled IE
proper traffic to your URL's the subscriptions are
very quickly cancelled.

So the solution is a one time payment to be a pro
member and no monthly credits. But the referrer (thats
you) gets 100% commissions paid directly into your
paypal account. so you did your job and got full
payment for the effort.

2. With no monthly fee the cancelation part has been
nullified, and now if you want your site seen by all
the pro members you have to surf to get page views...

So next dilemma how do we make it a no brainer that
everyone will want to surf a pro exchange... Simple...

Josh and I will promote your affiliate link (earning you
100% coms) if you surf a set number of page views
everyday, and we fixed that by using the spillover
traffic feature we pioneered for hits viral. 

If you surf 25 pages (or more) everyday we will
promote your quality pro 4 U affiliate link throughout
our network of sites including The Global Ad Store


Its a win win you surf for traffic and we help you get
$5 payments sent directly to your paypal account.

so please login now and start surfing and look for 
the viral power pages every 25 page views

Interesting? So join here and start surfing

Thanks for listening
Robert & Josh

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