Our Coach Kris Speaks Out.

I can’t make money with Great Bitcoin Strategies. It’s a scam! I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.
OK, pity, but here’s what Coach K answers to those whiners. Direct from our Skype group.

“Teach you how to drive traffic with the best resources online to date. Then offer you a high converting email campaign when you join us into AIOP.
So when you sit and tell me you can’t make money with our system.
I have to think about it for a really short time. Why because I can see what’s wrong base on your 1. Activity 2. Communication 3. Hit requirements 4. Willing to LISTEN to advice
IT only works if you work it…..K.I.S.S
We took out the biggest guess work.
1. Will the website pay
2. Can I earn if I keep working it without referrals
Then we help you gain referrals with a Team ROtator with your peers
If your peers are willing to cheat the system and not do their part by building traffic to the “Team ROtator”
We have done all we can to help you earn in the most effective form.
Other than that, I can’t come over to your house and build your business for you.
Do you want someone to teach you how to fish to eat forever
Or you Really mean…Give me the Fish so I can only eat right now
I think your heart shows what your fingers or mouth shares
or should I see your ACTION Shows
what you fingers and mouth say
I sit back and watch…analyze and make my comments. Why?
It’s what I did in the Army when I evaluated not only my soldiers but My Leaders as well….
This platform teaches you how to crawl, walk and run method type of training.
If you don’t know how to follow….how can you lead?
If you don’t like to read…how can you lead?
If you don’t work in the trenches with your team….why should they trust you to lead them by being out front?
I don’t share anything with you in this strategy I haven’t done or my Team Leaders haven’t had success with in some shape form or fashion…….The results all show who is working and who is not Every Friday in our FB group.
If you are reporting the same thing after 2 weeks or even 4 weeks
When do you say to yourself….hmmmm I need to meet with Coach K to get a different perspective to make things happen in my earnings.
I am not going to beg you to make money….
I am not Insane…
I my suffer from PTSD sometimes
But I am not insane
What is the definition of Insanity?
Are you Insane?”

As always on the spot and makes you think about what you are doing and if you are doing it right. And doing as much as you should.
This is the first business I have seen mentoring for free. From Kris but also from a huge great team in our Skype group. 24-hour support and coaching.
Why not join Great Bitcoin Strategies?

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