Power Surf Central is here again

Paula Zuehlke say:

“This has been long time in the making but finally here and ready.
Today is the day, it’s finally here!
A revamped version, new and improved Power Surf Central is here.
More rewards, better rewards, social and a system we can continue
to improve upon day after day.

If your an existing member there are a few things you will need
to do when setting up your account.Step 1: Join PSC
=> Join Power Surf Central Here

Step 2: Login to your PSC account and click on set up PSC in the top
menu. Be sure to enter your “ID numbers” for Hitsafari, Realhitz4u and

Make sure you enter them correctly and double check it.
Once all 3 ID’s match up, any stats, power points, and rewards you
had before will pull over into the new membership site.Step 3: Look over the site and enjoy! Be sure to promote your affiliate

link and fill out your profile to share with the world.
You will find this new centralized system filled with new rewards, options
and we have the ability now to add even more in the future.
More rewards, bonuses and options for all PSC members!
In fact one of the immediate options will be to surf all three core exchanges
at the same time and earn an extra 10% surfing bonus.
Yes, the old PSC site has been totally revamped but stay alert we will
have new options for those of you who are promoting the e-books to
build your downlines.
Now you can promote one URL, your new referral link for Power Surf Central
and build your downlines in all the core exchanges.
There is of course an upgrade option on the new PSC site, not necessary
to continue receiving your daily, weekly, and monthly rewards, but it does
have advantages in other ways.Even earn commissions!
Review your options on the site after joining.”

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