Promote 12 sites at once with this PDF

I give away this free E-book why? It’s the common way to get referrals by give away something valuable in return for their email address.You can rebrand this ebook completely and this is great for promoting and building multiple downlines at the same time.

Imagine you promote and a member joins using your referral link, they then go to the rebrand section and as you have joined the programs there the will then join THOSE sites under your downline too…
Over 30 sites are listed not only LeadsLeap which is heavily promoted today not without reason. I am a paid member and it doing great.
So over 30 various sites that you can join and place your referral links in the rebrand area and once you get referrals to your account they will join these programs under YOUR referral link so in turn you build 30+ memberships at once.

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