Review of AdFly

It always interesting to test new ways and services to get traffic to our business. In my case, I promote the Power Lead System using a few funnels for different programs. And I’m also using Rob Fraser’s advise with “slamming” traffic to my funnels. A kind of brutal force attack to gain referrals.
In that sense was a test with buying 20.000 hits to one of my splashpages at AdFly very tempting. And indeed after buying those hits I got a fairly good result, but only after contacting support with the question, why is my URL not approved. However after some hours the traffic started rapid, very fast. But you can adjust the amount of traffic you want by setting the daily budget. And even which day or days you prefer.
Very good, encouraged by the result I ordered another 20.000 hits.
And now.
Nothing happens at all.

Contacting the support at least twice. No answer. And my second campaign is set exactly as the first one. You must understand that my confidence for this company is not at the very most high level at the moment. It seems as the support is overloaded by tasks. Very pity since it was a fairly good source of traffic for a reasonable amount of money.

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