Review of AptHost Hosting

FFMPEG Hosting with AptHost

If you have been online for a time and used your own hosting for your blogs and sites.
I’m pretty sure that you have used the support at the hosting company.I’m also sure that you have tried several companies with more or less success.

For my part the support have been the greatest issue, or more precis, the lack of such one.
You know that urgent need for support.
You create a support ticket.
You wait for the answer, 24-48h
And at last the answer. Ouch… they didn’t understand, nil, zero nada.
New support ticket.
Shall I continue?

But here’s a hosting company that I’m very impressed with.
Several times have I used their Chat Support. And often within 10-15 minutes have they
solved the problem. And they have also lots of features that no one else can provide you with.
I won’t be techy here, have a look for yourself. I highly recommend them.

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