Review of Lifetime Hosting

Is it worth the money to invest in a lifetime hosting?

I joined Lifetime Hosting since I thought it was a good idea to have to pay for the hosting only ones and save a lot of money. So I moved a domain and tried to move the blog as well.

First I had difficulties to get the DNS to work but after two support sessions at Lifetime Hosting and one support session at Namecheap I finally managed to move the domain.

Next turn was to move the blog. I used a tool called WP Clone. A very smart tool which migrate the whole blog inclusive the database. No, that did not work either. Something with the database.

Jetpack in the blog also warned several times that the domain was down. My next step was to move this domain, your are at now. But frankly I do not dare. It can be a coincidence with all this trouble above, but you see, I don’t dare. My trust for this service is totally broken. Today I applied for a refund.

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