Safelist Resources and Training For GBS

Safelist or Traffic Exchange?

Safelists are more responsive but we need the traffic exchanges for branding our name or Great Bitcoin Strategies.
Safelists works almost like the traffic exchanges. You watch other safelist members pages and they watch yours. And here we are using credits as well. So by watching you earn credits which you can use to send out your ad.

I suggest you create two Gmail accounts. One for the member and solo ad mail, and one for the list. The list address will receive a huge amount of emails from the other members mailing.
Create your two mail accounts HERE

In the downlinebuilder you will find some great safelists to join. And in the TripleA Plan ( A PDF file to download) which we use you will find a huge amount of information both about traffic exchanges and safelists.

I will especially point out this program below which is outstanding supplying you with both traffic exchange credits and safelist credits every month. Plus a feature to send out a huge amount of emails for you by only a few clicks.


In this context, I must also mention you the sister site to Referral Frenzy, Referral Builder Elite. Also loads of credits for your safelists and traffic exchanges. One of the best features is the downline id filler for your sites. Great solo ads in both these sites.

How to setup and work with safelists