Sell the problem you solve, not the product.

This is very true.

I got this in my mailbox and find it very useful. It’s from Enrique Garibay at MLMLeads. I have read this before but it’s so easy to follow old trails and the dangerous mindset, sell, sell.

When you’re out there prospecting for your business, make sure you know what you’re selling.

You’re not selling vitamins, coffee, skin care cream..

You’re not selling credit repair or info product training..

And you’re not even selling a bizop.

What you are selling is a way to solve your prospect’s problems.

So what sort of problems do they have?

Usually, it starts with money. But as you take the “layers” off, you’ll discover that it is not always about the money.

Instead, it is often the things that money can buy that presents the prospect’s problems.

Maybe the prospect needs a new car, but can’t afford it.

Perhaps they want to take their family on a vacation but can’t afford it.

Or maybe they want their kids to go to a good college, but can’t afford it.

So by selling the prospect on your vitamins, coffee, skin care, credit repair or travel.. you’re missing the sale.

Instead, find out WHY your prospect is looking for the extra income. Once you learn that, you know how to present your opportunity, products, and services. Then you can better close the prospect into your business.

In summary, prospecting is not about your products and services. It is about solving your prospect’s problems.