Sitting on the fence looking at people walking pass.

I was talking to a friend the other day on Skype or rather chatting. Since I have joined SFI we got into this since he also was a member but many years back. And he told me, no I’m not so active any longer, the downline was not active and didn’t do anything. OK not so uncommon but I understood his concerns and why he left SFI or got in-active himself.

But by an accident I saw his total results. He hadn’t even begun his business in SFI! So if he didn’t anything how could he expect people in his downline to take action? Now please, I don’t want to go here patronizing folks because, I have done it myself. But one thing I have learned the last years is to set an example to your downline, help them, talk to them and support them as good as you can.

I also think many have online business as some sort of hobby or entertainment. They join, look around, send two mails, surf 600 pages and no result and then go to the next bling bling.

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