So Why Can’t We Do It?

Look here what Rob Fraser wrote on our FaceBook group, Complete Freedom.
It’s insane these figures he shows. It’s hard to believe they are true. To good to be true?
But he is constantly showing these great results so it must be true.

He is using the Broke Man’s Plan and I do the same. So why can’t we also do it, you and me?
I do it, you can follow my investment at this page to see how it’s going.

Rob Fraser:
“I got 480 ad packs in My Paying Ads and 530 ad packs in FutureAdPro. I’m withdrawing $100 per day from MPA and $200 per day from FAP.

$2100 per week to which $1100 goes to traffic and the remaining $1000 goes to gold/silver purchases.

Power Lead System money goes in my pocket.”

These are insane figures! But let us try together!

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