Some very inexpensive advertising resources

I got a mail today from Richard Weberg and Brenda de Reus with some good resources.
If you don’t have the time, cheap advertising could be very successful for you.
Here are some tips from them and me:

“1. Clixsense
The best way to advertise on clixsense, is to buy a link in the clixgrid game, you can purchase a link for $20 bucks, this will give you advertising for that link for 30 days, you will get on average over 17,000 visitors! This will result in conversion for you, you are buying visitors for dirt cheap! You do not have to do anything else, you just buy your clixgrid link spot, then add the link you want to advertise…Thats it done, usually with in an hour your traffic starts, and continues for 30 days. They have more then 2 million members who will view your webpage. I usually purchase four to five of these links every month because they have performed so well.”

Yes PTC is a very good place for your ad and also very responsive audience.
I have bought several millions of banners at NerdBux with good result.

“2. Herculist
The best way to utilize Herculist is to buy one of their solo ad packages, just make sure to chose a package that is at least $20.00, the package below $20 do not convert very well, believe me we have tested them. All you do is submit your ad, chose your package and pay, and they send out the ads for you, and they always over deliver! I run ads here as well every month…”

I actually joined Herculist and got this amazing offer when I had created my account. I couldn’t resist it, look here.

– 365 Days of Herculist GOLD for ONLY $24.95!
– Upgrade to a yearly Herculist PRO membership TODAY at 1/2 price and receive a FREE upgrade to GOLD!
– GOLD members can now submit HTML ads!
– One click submission to over 61,900 members every 24 hours!

That’s no money at all for a whole year.