Super-Ape our new moneymaker at GBS

Hello, Team.

We are working on a new strategy. Right now I need you to join Super Ape
in the Downline Builder. Everyone needs to join Eat My Clicks. You find this
as well in the Downline Builder so login and if you not already have joined.
And don’t forget to put your referral id in the Downline Builder when you have joined.

Track your GBS personal link and promote Super Ape for the next 30 days
and track your results. The goal is to help each of you make at least $50.00
in commissions with Super Ape for starters.
Felix one of the team leaders just earned close to that after just some few days.
But I guessed he didn’t just sit on the fence waiting for that money.

So roll up your sleeves and let us do some really nice earnings.
There is more to come. Our in-house matrix is ready to roll as well.
We test it slowly now to see all is working.

Why Eat My Clicks? Sorry to say, Build Your Business Online is still down and the poor admin Ian is out of his mind since he is getting no support from GVO.

And as always you know where to find me for help and questions.

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