2019-03-21 Week At A Glance

This Week and Some Training for all of you even if not using the  Power Lead System.

I offer you this weekly training above. It’s mostly about the Power Leading System. And if you are not a member or LeadLightning owner. The training is good for you as well.
This week I continued to update my team page at mats-jacobson.com.
Good not only for my team but also a way for me to stay more focused and a handy tool to keep a track on what to do next regarding advertising.
As you see if you visited my site. I’m cautious about Solo Ads.
Success with advertising can be very expensive even if you copy a successful advertiser. That goes very much regarding Solo Ads. It can be hard to convert the traffic even if it’s expensive. You have not built any trust yet as you would for instance with social media.
So a word of caution here not to go broke.
If you find the right Solo Ad provider and you convert well. You can take a portion of your profit and scale it up to endless. You buy more and more traffic and earn more and more to explain it simpler.
That was one of many lessons I learned this week from the free training at the Earn Easy Commissions.

I will try to send out something like this every week.
Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions and I will try to help you as much as possible.

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