TAS – A Sneaky Little Free Tool To Promote Your Second Business

What TAS is all about

– It’s about being able to promote a ‘secondary’ program while
promoting a primary program.

That’s a pretty powerful technique just there. But the real
power comes when you use it for a multi-level program.

You see right now, you’re probably in one or more multi-level
programs. Maybe you have some referrals. But there’s a high
chance that most of those referrals have zero referrals of
their own.

So how do we ever reach the often quoted you introduce 5, they
each introduce 5 and so on?

Because down just 5 levels, that’s a downline of 3000 members
or so!!

Well it will only happen IF those members promote. And as
many of them may well be promoting something else, chances
are that they aren’t actively promoting the program YOU’D
like to build a strong downline in.

If you can show them away to promote this program AT THE SAME
TIME as promoting their other programs, some of them are
going to see the benefit of doing just that!

TAS is designed as a stepping stone for people that don’t
know how to or aren’t building lists (because building a list
is the single best way to promote multiple programs).

Yes there are better ways to promote than TAS – BUT – and it’s
a big but – most of your referrals won’t know how or be doing
it. TAS has no friction – it’s so simple, they MAY AS WELL
use it. Once they start to see signups (and remember, the
eBooks have a cumulative effect and may lead to signups way
into the future), they’ll be sold on the idea and they’ll
encourage their referrals to use it.

Remember how I said 5 wide, 5 deep is 3000+. Well think
about this:

A 20% improvement in duplication at each level (i.e. 6 wide
5 deep) is 7700+ !!

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