Team Update for Great Bitcoin Strategies

Hi members just a brief update from our meeting with the Admin
and Coach.

The strategy plan in the GBS members area is now updated so
please have a glance at it for a refreshment of your skills.
You know, reading is important.

And talking about reading. Here’s one great PDF to read for a better
understanding how to deal with the problem, traffic.

There was also a desire for everyone to be at level 4 in 2X9BitMax
So we can push on here in the matrix.

At last, if you can afford, join and upgrade at AIOP. It’s important
that you start to build your list so you can grow and start earning money.
If you want I can invite you for a chat about AIOP with our Coach Kris.
He is more than willingly to explain and help you with all the questions
about AIOP.

Join us in our Skype chats for excellent support and help. We are here
to help you to success.

See you and take care
Skype: mats_tenor (Yes I’m singing as tenor)

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