TECash, what’s this?

I joined TECash for some day ago, since I’m always interested in Traffic Exchanges
and programs supporting them.
TECash is a kind of downline builder with Power Surf Central as main source of
Traffic Exchanges. There are eight exchanges in the downline builder and some of
them was new to me. You also get an explanation how Traffic Exchanges work and how
to use them efficient.
Four safelists is also part of the downline builder with very nice Promo Codes to
get you going. A onetime fee of $15.00 for going Pro if you like is also one of
the features. You are paid by PayPal with PaySpree as a gate.
The program doesn’t stand out, but I like the promotional resources and this is
a program I promote to build traffic to my main business. It’s fairly new so I
guess we will see more features in the future.

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