The 1:1 LTC Magic Trick?

When we’re looking for sites to fill up our credits at the Legacy Team Coop fast traffic
delivery makes it a plus. We can load up our websites at LTC deliver the credits
then rinse and repeat.

Here are some sites with fast traffic delivery and 1:1 surf ratios for free members

Easyhits4u, Trafficg, and Hitlink.

These sites will have long timers, eh4u and trafficg in particular. My power tip is to
tab surf the CSN sites and these three so the timers don’t bother you AND you get
the community, engagement, and chat at our sites.

Extra perks are always nice, and you’ll grab .30 per 1,000 surfed at
EH4U, .30 or .90 (depends on upgrade) for surfing 555 pages at all six CSN sites.

Use your bonuses you have available such as Megasurfing, Nerdsurfing, and
the Goettman Power Surf. These will get you credit bonuses for surfing sites together.

This stuff really isn’t that complicated and if you take the minutes it takes to set up
it’s well worth your time. Maybe your thinking jeez do I have to think about traffic
this much? Well, are you serious or what 🙂

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