The Bitcoin Hall of Shame

Here is my collection of programs which I find are close to scam, or at least don’t work for me. Also program warnings from Bitcoin forums and fellow marketers.

My Stay Away Programs

Problems with withdrawals since around February/March 2017.
I’m waiting for my test withdrawal.

Still waiting for my $2 and investments grow insanely. No risk anyone will be paid in that program that’s for sure.

BitMiner - free and simple next generation Bitcoin mining software

They have paid 0.005 BTC so far, but will they continue?
A “stay away” sign here since a Bitcoin forum made a warning.

This is a clear Stay Away, no way they will be paying.

Autosurfer. Surf 100 pages daily and earn Bitcoin. To good to be true with that amount of earning.
Wait and see if they pay out. I will run this until I have collected the amount of Bitcoins to withdraw then we have to wait and see. Stay tuned.

Achieved the amount of bitcoin to withdraw.
And now the fun part. To receive your earnings you must first send in the amount of bitcoin you have in your account. And if I do that I will die to find out to hear all the excuses they have not to pay anything.

Manual Surf and Revenue sharing. I’m only testing surfing and test if they payout. Most of these rev. share program vanish after a while. They don’t have the solidity of MyPayingAds and MyCryptoPayingAds.