The Most Important Word In Online Marketing…

Hope this finds you well and becoming more
prosperous! I’ve recently been doing some
coaching with a few people – all people
that reached out to me for help.

I love doing it because it gives me directly
what I enjoy most about this
business – satisfaction. And no, that’s not
the word that this email is about.

I get a lot of satisfaction seeing people using my
programs but nothing as direct as coaching.

But of course time is an issue for me, like anyone.

Coaching these guys is very rewarding and surprisingly
easy because I focus on one thing. It doesn’t matter
what we’re discussing, or what their plan or strategy is,
at the top of the agenda is one word – LEVERAGE.

Almost all the (good) advice you’ll ever hear is probably
an example of creating leverage.

Once you learn to rank activities or possible strategies
on their relative leverage factor, decisions become much
clearer. And as a result, forward motion becomes certain.

If your business isn’t better this month than last, then
you’re not in forward motion and you need to make changes.

It’s difficult enough to make consistent money online but
without leverage, without forward motion rather than
treading water, the odds are stacked against you. At the
very least you’re making things harder than they should be!

How are you applying leverage to your business?

All the best
Troy Wray

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