The Outline of Echo Traffic Club

Our Coach Kris outlines the rules and future for our new Echo Traffic Club.

Coach Kris Ellis:
Now our first goal: To help you find your first 5 Referrals to push your Rotator link. You will start off working together then you will break off onto your own rotator with 5 Active Team Mates.

What do Active Constitutes?

Everyone does their best to promote your Rotator Link 50% and your
personal Team link 50%.
All your new team mates coming on board experienced or not.
Introduce them to join Conversionsurf to read The Triple A Plan e-book
That will help solve their issue on generating traffic to the rotator.
All GBS/ECE/AIOP Team Echo Members will get a Free 12 month upgrade to Pro 1.

I have not written a strategy as yet because we are the strategy for the next 12 months. October 1st will start the clock.
First 90 days you should have 10 people and earning over $50 to $100 residual income.
I will lay out the plan, you just follow. If we don’t hit our goals lets talk about WHY we didn’t hit those goals.

I will be issuing Random Referrals to help each of you build along with the help of selected Team Leaders.
So there will be NO EXCUSES on this project. Unless you are just lazy.
The system will work. The question will remain will EVERYONE work the System?


To lay the foundation.
So each of you will start off with gaining 5 referrals.
I will work with 10 Direct Team Mates: and build depth from there.
This entire website is a Team Building Project.
Our foundation income builder will be AIOP.
If your team mate is NOT in this chat, they need to have a GREAT REASON WHY NOT.

I will share information here:
– On my blog
– On Youtube

Again we are going to work hard to eliminate any excuses.
I just need you to give me 110% or better in this Skype room and on this project.

NB! There’s a grace period of 72h for new members. If they don’t communicate they are deleted. This is not a business for slackers and fence watchers. It’s a business not an expensive hobby.


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