To Track or Not to Track? That’s the Question.

The general opinion among online marketing leaders is to track your leads in every case, so you don’t waste your money or credits. It’s important to know if you spend wisely and which of the traffic sources works best.

However, is this the truth in every case? Let’s see what Maryanne Myers at TopDogsRotator has to say in this matter. Maryanne is a well-known owner of several traffic programs with a good reputation BUT are there situations where it’s better not to track your URL’s?


I'm putting this up to not repeat answers on same questions, plus I
feel traffic brokers such as Rotate4all or Thedownliner
and many others out there are.. or will.. be accused of things
that isnt their fault.

Here are two support questions I've answered recently...

#1 For those who rely on "trackers", here is some info I just gave someone else (just FYI too)...
In this day and age, trackers are blocked by add ons and browsers. Look at Epic browser, 
Brave browser (a really popular one), ice dragon and many more. Not only that, some can 
change IP's and even block other ads too. The more known browsers such as firefox have 
Private Windows also, then of course the Add ons plus they can easily block the exact 
tracker and even coding (such as frames/iframes that show sites). 
I dont use trackers at all, because they are unreliable on stats. 10 or so years ago, 
trackers were not blocked. Now they are. So its a waste of time and I've tried 
to educate people at TopDogs, and Profitslion also, that this is a new age of privacy. 

Relying on ANY tracker can cost you advertising from a site that alot of people use. 
I can program a tracker. I wonder where in the world they get their stats of "real ones" 
to unique visits. That is impossible to know. So a tracker is a busted item.


(#2) There are articles about how Google analytics are wrong and not accurate too. 
Referring sites can be blocked now. 

The only thing that is sort of tracked is IP, but there are more use of browsers 
that auto change your IP every 20 seconds even as you visit a site
and views its pages. (session cookies can be blocked too)

--->>> I track by a different way (while sending hits to TopDogs member sites). 

Like when I list the url at easyhits4you (for topdogs members) instead 
of just my username of admin on the end of it I put "tdeasy".

So when it hits the rotator url I know it at least came from easyhits4u.

At cherrytraffic I put tdch (it tells me its from there)

For adzbux its tdsp (meaning adbux special package)

I can change them on the fly as I then program the page to recognize what "tdeasy" means.

But I dont track much for anything else.


Also, for those who asked how I get by without tracking things? 
I slam my sites out there as much as possible. It works. It has for 
over 2 decades. I certainly dont pay for tracking either. If I 
see a signup from a couple thousand hits, that is good to me. If
I see patterns from that then hey, I tuck it away into my "good list".