Todays Traffic Exchange News

Benji Bash

Get your fins wet today and splash your for your chance at $100 today! We’ve teamed up with Jamison Raymond, Tony Tezak, and James Dias today to give you a shot at some cool cash, and bring some high quality traffic to your sites!

Surf 250 pages at each of the following sites to enter…

=>Tezak Traffic Power
=>Dragon Surf
=>Internet Traffic 247

Each exchange will pick ONE winner of $25 x4!

You have the chance to win at more than one exchange, so get splashin’ and increase your traffic as well as your odds of getting your hands on some cash today!


VikingHits Cash Contest!

Here are some more promos for the next 24 hours

1. 5 Second Timer (all levels)
2. Triple Promotion Points… (6 points for each visitor)
3. Triple Surf Points… (10 points for each page viewed)
4. Triple email read points (1500)

Remember that you get a lot of free points for adding
your referral IDs in the 3 downline builders in your
member area. The more points you have, the higher ranking
in the Weekly Jackpot!

Let’s Keep Plundering The Internet at VikingHits!

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