Todays Traffic Exchange News

Yes, yes, I don’t claim that’s all the news but some that interest me today.
First out is:


Each week we invite in one guest exchange to take part
in a special promo where we award some serious epic prizes.
Today 12/4/2013
It’s Easy to take part in this weekly contest you will first
need to be an active PSC member. You may join here
Next you will need to surf at least 50 pages at the following
and our guest exchange this week WebsiteTrafficHog
Once you hit page 50 you will see a special page shown which
will color in the image of the site you have surfed and locked
in. Once all 4 are colored in you will see a new page congratulating
you. Pick one of the 3 blocks P S or C to claim your prize for
taking part.
For full in depth details please visit the blog post at…
We will be doing this promo once a week. Prizes range from PowerPoints,
XP to level up, Spotlight ads and coins which unlock our scratch off
tickets where you can win BIG!


VikingHits Todays Surf Promo!

VikingHits is Teaming up with Bella’s again,
for lots of fun and oodles of prizes
while you are surfing.

Just Surf 100 or more pages at BOTH TEs to qualify.

Not a member of Bella’s yet?

The more you surf the bigger chance to win.
You can even win prizes on both TEs;

1 x $2.00 /200/500/500
2 x $1.00 /100/250/250
2 x 200/200/200
3 x 100/200/200

Now before we go.. I’d like to include some more promos
I know you’ll enjoy. :o)

1. 5 Second Timer (all levels)
2. Triple Promotion Points… (6 points for each visitor)
3. Triple Surf Points… (10 points for each page viewed)
4. Triple email read points (1500)

Good for the next 24 hours!

Let’s Keep Plundering The Internet at VikingHits!

Social Shindigs and Bonus Page Bonanza at TezakTrafficPower

A Great Day to be a Tezzer!

A big warm welcome to all of the new Tezzers.

To all those new members who may not be real familar with
using using traffic exchanges, we have helpful information just for you.

It is our Users Guide which is jammed packed with information on
how to use Tezak Traffic Power. It is full of screen shots to show
you how to use the various functions at our site.

We get questions all the time in support and these questions
helped us develop the guide.

Grab you copy here…

New Splash Page

We have our new Holiday Plash Page in the Promo Tools. How about putting it to work for you in building your Tezak Traffic Power Team?
Remember, all members earn a percentage of trafic created by their referrals. It pays to promote us. 🙂
Just change ‘mjaco1’ to your username.

Bonus Page Bonanza!

Tezak Traffic Power
Surf a Little, Surf a LOT – YOUR Choice!
You’ll win something every 15 pages surfed! The more you surf, the more you WIN!

*5 Winners of 1000 Credits
*6 Winners of 1000 Banners
*8 Winners of 1000 Texts
*8 Winners of 1000 List Ads

PLUS Nickels, Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars on the Bonus page!

We’ll be adding Social Shindigs all day long so you can grab 25% Extra Credits

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