Todays Update at the Mjaco Blog

As you now may know, you most important mission online as a marketer is to build your list. If you don’t have so much money or time to spend, do at least this.
Build Your List!
This is what I’m doing now with TeListBuilder. A simple fun program to use for your list building. It’s a program mostly dedicated to traffic exchanges. But of course, you can use safelists as well.

So what traffic exchanges do I use? I say again if you are out of time and money I highly recommend TrafficAdbar.
If I’m busy a day I at least try to surf some pages at TrafficAdbar.
When you start with TrafficAdbar you can feel that you don’t get any results but you have to surf consistently to build up points to your pages.

To speed up my traffic exchange surfing I use a program called TEMBrowser. You have 10 slots to use for free. So put your favorite traffic exchanges in those 10 slots. Do I need to say that TrafficAdbar is one of them?

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