Traffic Exchange Resources and Training For GBS

Basic Traffic Exchange Training

If you don’t know how to use Traffic Exchanges to gain traffic to your websites
I have put together some useful tips and tools and places where to find out how it
works. And even get some useful tips driving traffic to your business.
This is how I work, but there are many more techniques and browsers to use.
This is only for you to get you up fast to begin surfing the traffic exchanges.

Web browser, Firefox with all the handy add-ons as follow.

Use these add-ons:
Quick Tab Change, configure so it will go to the next tab in the browser by pressing the button of your choice.
Very easy to use and works with many browsers.
Click the appropriate button in the exchange to get your credit.
Press “The Button” Click the next exchange
Press “The Button”
and so on……
This is what’s called, Tab Browsing.

LastPass, you will have hundreds of passwords to remember, this is a great tool to
solve this problem.

StoreTab, stores all your tabs which you have loaded for the moment. Great if your
browser crash and you will continue with your recent session with the saved tabs.

Xmarks, not a crucial tool but nice to sync your bookmarks between computers or
restore the bookmarks after reinstalling your computer. Yes, keep as much information
on the internet as possible to get you up fast after a computer crash. (backup, backup, and backup)

Got to “add-on” in Firefox to search for the add-ons above, then just install.


  • Using a spreadsheet for all your URL’s is a nice feature to keep your collection
    of programs in order and if using safelist it’s a good idea to keep a note of when
    you last submitted, how many credits you have and how often you can submit.
  • Search Google for Free Office Software if you can not afford Microsoft’s programs.
  • Save your favorite traffic exchanges as bookmark groups in the browser to be
    handy and you don’t forget which to use.

Traffic Exchange Resources and Strategy

These are The Most Important Programs to Understand and Succeed
with Traffic Exchanges!

Ever wonder why some people seem to effortlessly build Downlines, win Contests and earn 1000’s of dollars while the majority struggle to make enough to pay for a monthly upgrade?
ConversionSurf-Home of The TripleA Plan will show you how, and we have a 100% success rate!

That’s why we have it in our Great Bitcoin Strategies downline builder for a better understanding how traffic exchanges works and what traffic exchange strategy you have to use. This is also the best updated traffic exchange downline builder there is now.

When we are using traffic exchanges there is one topic we have to address and most people forget this or don’t want to complicate their surfing.
It’s tracking. There are thousands of traffic exchanges out there and far from all are worth using. You can start your own traffic exchange for only $100 – $300. But to succeed you have to put a lot more money, knowledge, and work than you can expect.
Besides, for your safelist advertising, I would say, tracking is even more important since you have so many different factors to change as just some examples, the subject, wording, length, spacing, and so on.

Eat My Clicks which we use in GBS, includes not only tracking but also the rotators which is an important feature using traffic exchanges.
Imagine hundreds of traffic exchanges. You put one of your URL in all of those. But a week later you have to change that URL.
So instead of going to all those traffic exchanges, we use a rotator from EMC. We create one rotator at EMC and put that in all the traffic exchanges. And at EMC we can put whatever URL we like in that rotator. Voila, how much time do you not save here?

Warning: Not all traffic exchanges like trackers. And in sometimes the tracking can be inaccurate.

The Best Traffic Exchange

This is an old-timer among traffic exchanges and it’s in your GBS downline builder.
The reason I mention it here is that it also has some nice free features as rotator and splash page builder that is totally OK to use.

My Best Traffic Exchanges


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