Unethical marketing

I have been addressed during the last two days at Skype by two unknown people.
The tactics have been something like:
“Hi Mats, I see you also promote Unlimited Income Org. How is it going?
Can we connect?”

“Hi Mats, I am already a member of UNLIMITED INCOME , its great for me great
affiliate been a member for about 2 months now and getting new members and
sign ups. I use this software XXX to promote and recruit new members.
There are no upgrades and no costs…  I just thought it would help that all but
if you are getting new member easy you don’t need this.
Regards, XXXX”

After a while he claimed he would leave our program and I offered him help.
I talked to one of the owners, that there was someone on his way to quit.
“Nope, there is no member with name”, he said.

So this is some sneaky Skype spamming where people claim that they are members
in the same program as you and have great success in an other program. And try to
pull you into their program instead.
The program in question was some kind of web program mail harvesting sites, and
I can recall I have seen a standalone program for many years ago that did the very
same job. And I suppose then the next step was to spam the poor mail owners.
Not my cup of tea, to spam and trick people into my business I must say.

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