Update From Rob Fraser – Complete Freedom

Time for another very honest update from Rob Fraser in the Facebook
Complete Freedom group.

“I know there are a lot of distractions out there.. and I know I don’t ALWAYS post in here..

but just know that the same plan I’m laying out and really have no reason to even look at anything else.

Also the reason My Paying Ads and Lead Lightning is for the folks who are really struggling broke (and have no belief in the system).

You can opt for the Yellow Brick Road system and replace MPA/LL as FutureNet now has $10 ad packs.
Just promote FutureNet and Power Lead System (either $30 or $54 monthly)

Then show your folks the long term plan with International Silver Network and the Global Information Network (which has an upcoming event in Aruba that I’ll be attending)

If you can’t do anything else, then just go through the pinned post (Only if you are member in Complete Freedom ) and listen to levels 1-4 of the audios over and over again.

I know some folks here will dabble.. some will halfway participate.. and some will go all in.

Those who go all in will change their lives. Those who dabble..

will not.

My intention is to have everyone doing what I’m doing.

Every week I buy $700 worth of gold and silver
Every week I buy around $100 worth of bitcoin
Every week I get sign ups in everything

Everything I do is in the pinned post and in my playlist.

Also as a FYI..

Everyone of my systems
(Skinny Body Care, Instant Cash Strategy, and the Complete Freedom plan)

all mimic each other.

and they all back end into ISN and GIN

I care… but not that much when people quit, lose focus, go elsewhere, etc.

I’m only looking for the people who get it.

I see to many folks all over the place and as a result.. have none

I know this is a “heavy” post but I’m sharing with everyone my whole strategy and this is all I’m doing to the tune of $7000ish per week.

Keep Pressing!”


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