ViralMailProfits into the next gear.

Now they have done it again. ViralMailProfits is known in the safelist biz
for their mailer which can help you to keep your mailing in order.
Now they have added lots of more features with the plugin Ulti-Send

  • Automatic copy & Paste into your mailer – just hit autopaste and
    when you log into your mailer and go to the send page, your email will be waiting
  • Scheduling – from one email, schedule multiple future mailings
    – either to be autopasted into your mailer or, if you’re upgraded, to be sent automatically
  • Auto Sending – with one click, your email is scheduled to be send
    automatically at the earliest opportunity
  • Forget your login and passwords, Ulti-Send help you with this
  • Works brilliantly with EVERY mailer
  • Ulti-Send is 100% compatible with the current versions of Firefox, Chrome,
    Internet Explorer and Safari. And for your Mac or PC.

I can keep going on, but have look for yourself if you don’t take my word on it.
YES let me in, I can’t wait to see what it’s all about….