Want to get PAID?

We need everyone to come online into the GBS Skype chat who has 0.002 bitcoin (or more) for a controlled team build that puts 2 members below everyone in a selected program (Global 2X2).

We are doing this live because if done by email people get lost. Possible earnings can be as much as 1.98 BTC and also get funds for upgrading in all of the other programs to get you and/or your team earning residually.  If you do not have funds and wish to participate we can have you complete some simple tasks to earn your way in.

Get into the Skype Chat clicking the button below and you will get help.

The Controlled Global2X2 Team Build Instruction:

Don’t mix up what is said with your old Global2X2 account.
That is running within your GBS downline builder as every other program.
Promote GBS with your links and people will signup for your programs in the downline builder.

– The Controlled Team Build is for a new fresh Global2X2 account.
– The first step is to apply for a such account by filling in this form: Apply Here
– You will fill in a new username in that form.
– You put “team” as your sponsor.
– And a new email for your new account

– Your application will end up in a spreadsheet for Coach and Charles to put you on the waiting list.
– You will go to our Skype group and ask for help by our Coach or Charles so they can give you a new link to signup to.
– Stay tuned for further instructions and ask for help so all will be done in the right manner.
– Don’t make any move until noticed.
– Don’t promote your new account since this will sabotage the order in controlled team.
– In your downline builder keep your old Global2X2 referral link there, don’t add the new one.

Spreadsheet for the Team Build

The color code is this:
Red: You are holding up the team
White: We are waiting on you to register
Yellow: You are upgraded and awaiting 2 referrals
Green: You have 2 referrals and is good to go

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