Watch out for downline thieves

You can not be cautious enough and that is sad to say.
I think this have struck my mind sometimes but I didn’t
pay so much attention and then went on. Honest I can’t
recall any site for the moment but you should have this
in mind for those owners who use this extensive.

Your downline is safe with us is what Richard and Brenda
write in this mail:

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What does this mean for you?

There are many programs online that you go and build for someone else by referring members, then when the owners join or create another program, instead of putting it in a downline builder first, and telling you to log in and put in your ids so your referrals can join underneath of you, instead they send their own affiliate link in a email to the whole group, including your downline…..So you lose out. And I can name MANY POPULAR PROGRAMS that you are a member of that do this to you all the time, and you are oblivious to it, because you expect it..

Dont believe us, watch your emails, and you will see…They do not care about you, they only care about how much money THEY can make, not you, and this is how they dominate leader boards in other programs, you helped them build their list, and they do not care to help you..They want all the rewards, and only your loyalty to them, and most fall for it.

This is why we have downline integrity, every email we send, we tell you and your downline to log in and join the program from the downline builder under your sponsor, so that you get the direct referral and commissions, not us!!

We build our business the same exact way you do, by advertising our own affiliate urls, we understand how difficult internet marketing can be..and we are on your side…This is why YourEightSteps is so different…All you have to do is read your emails from us, and the others and you will see…..

We do not send our affiliate links to your downline(this is why we build our own list), you work hard and we want you to win with us…not for us!!

We promote to your downline for you…


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

P.S. Another thing you will not see in YourEightSteps is outside advertising of other programs on our pages, all programs are in one of the downline builders, so YOU CAN EARN FROM THEM. People can run their programs anyway they want, this is just the way we see to run ours 🙂

This is why it is called “YourEightSteps”

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