Watch out for Skype Spammers

When a new media is created it’s more often as it is misused by for example
spammers. I use Skype daily to stay connected to my upline and downline.
I really enjoy this tool and program and I dearly recommend you to use it for
your business, school, clubs or whatever place you need to cooperate with
people. It’s so easy to push out information, documents and you can even
share your screen.

But now I have meet those spammers at Skype as well. And if you use Skype,
they may have approached you too. One tried to convince me that we were
members in the same biz and soon shifted gear towards another program.
And now one blatantly tried to sell leads, 1000 for $20.
I answered, “Brand first before selling”
and showing him my link for the very same.
– “Hey do you need Traffic?”
Me: No
– Do you needs traffic on this link?
Me: I need to convert my traffic to sales.
A long pause, I guess he was puzzled by my somewhat unexpected answer.
So he continued to bombard me with sales pitch.

OK, if I say like this.
If you are on your way to the shopping mall and outside a complete stranger addresses
you selling windscreen wipers as mad. How would you react? Or the well known phone
seller. I guess you would be negative to buy, or buy, and then regret what you bought.
So, what is said so many times earlier, brand your name and picture and you will
be known as a trusted person and not as some kind of high pitched sales person.
When this said, I hereby now delete the contact.