What is Commando Links?

Today I have several mails from traffic exchanges about something new
at TE Command Post, Commando Links.
So if I understand it right, certain traffic exchanges provide you with a
splashpage dedicated for Commando Links. That splashpage contain
banners for different traffic exchanges and IF!
If you have put your referral id’s for that traffic exchange in TE Command Post,
it’s your links.
Did you follow me?
– Join TE Command Post
– Put your referral links in the downline builder at TE Command Post
– Put your referral link for TE Command Post in the traffic exchange in question
– Find a Commando Links splashpage at your traffic exchange
– Promote that splashpage and you promote those traffic exchanges and
TE Command Post at the same moment.

Commando Links is further explained at this page HERE
So far it looks very clever even if I’m not sure I got all parts in place.

Besides, TE Command Post is a great tool to keep track of your
credits and everything around your traffic exchanges.