What Rob Fraser didn’t tell you.

If you are in my PLS downline you have noticed that most of the funnels I use is created by Rob Fraser. Those are excellent funnels from beginning to the end. You also have noticed that many of those funnels include one or more revshare programs. A revenue sharing program is what it says. We split the profit from the advertising. This kind of program is particular important in the Brooke Mans Plan. This funnel uses MyPayingAds as the main engine to earn you money to join or upgrade the programs in the funnel without spending to much before earning.

Now Rob is outstanding with his videos and YouTube channel but there is one subject that I didn’t get a hung of before I met this guy below. And that is the strategy about this important revshare program MyPayingAds. Or by all means, revshare programs in general.

When to buy, how much, when to withdraw money? Many questions which Rob is not very clear about. And I don’t blame him, it’s so much information we have to push down to our members. But the guy which explains this very good is Logan Susnick. I really urge you to watch this video below for a better understanding about the revshare strategy which can be risky if you do it wrong. I like his cool style which get you a chance to understand the subject.

And even better. If you are new or uncertain about how revshare works he has a very good series of instructional videos about every aspect of revshare programs.


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