Why We Fail in our Business

I got this mail this morning and it was from the Admin at Bitcoins Matrix. In his turn, this article was from one of his members. It’s very well worth reading.

The following is a message written by 1 of our top referrers, Moses Chan, I am sure it will help some of you when it comes to finding new referrals.

Right at the onset of your business career, it is imminent that you are required to procure ‘like-minded’ leaders similar to yourself, to accomplish your ultimate goal and to achieve financial independence. There ain’t no free lunch! You have to go the extra mile to achieve your goal.

Many people always wonder why certain people are more successful than others. This lies in the level of positive mental attitude each possesses during its building process. What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!

Change your attitude and you’ll change your life. You and only you are responsible for the way you think – for your attitude. It’s your state of mind, the emotions you feel, your approach to life that dictates your circumstances.

Unfortunately, most people allow their circumstances to dictate their attitude. If they were unable to sponsor enough people into their business, they feel bad and easily get discouraged. If someone say NO! Say NEXT! Because some will, some won’t… SO WHAT!

Control your emotions! Understand that you are there not to beg anyone to join your business. You are out there to offer the most awesome and phenomenal business opportunity. You have nothing to lose when someone says NO! Just carry on and be determined, you will surely find the aces in a pack of cards. The fact is that whether you like it or not, there are 4 ACES in a pack of cards.

In short, people react to their circumstances instead of creating them. In fact the world is only a mirror of your own state of mind. If you think in negative terms, you’ll get negative results. If you think in positive terms, you’ll get positive results.

ACES in a pack of cards to motivate you to move forward with your business:-

Prospecting as defined by the dictionary is ‘the search of people’ to be more exact ‘the search of like-minded people’. Everyone of us who desires to become successful in a people to people business must draw out a list of prospects similar to the 52 cards in a pack of cards. Obviously there are some jokers in a pack of new cards. Let us just discard the jokers as these are not serious people. So now let’s assume that you have drawn out 52 names just like a new pack of cards.

It is a fact that there is definitely 4 ACES in a pack of new playing cards. No one in the world can doubt that. So all you need to do is embed in your mind there will be at least 4 ‘like-minded’ individuals similar to yourself who desires to accomplish financial independence.

Now let us shuffle the 52 cards. Similarly you need to run through all your 52 names on your list of prospects and prioritize them.

Let us now flip open the shuffled 52 cards. Only the ACES are considered serious or ‘like-minded’ individuals that would follow you and become leaders in your business. Let’s assume the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, perhaps until the 20 cards you have flipped open are not an ACE, all these 20 prospects of yours said ‘NO’ or are not interested with your business. Keep on keeping on going to flip the balance number of cards as you know with certainty that there are 4 ACES in a pack of 52 cards. You have to keep on reflecting onto your mind that you certainly will find the 4 ACES in your list of 52 names.



The only difference between a successful person and a failure is the level of confidence it has upon himself in any business endeavor.



Happy Hustling.....

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