Why We Prefer AIOP over TrafficWave in GBS

Dave Fullmer, our AIOP guy at GBS answers this question above on the subject:

Someone made a comment on the GBS site about seeing some newsletters coming from Traffic Wave and not AIOP.  I just want to make a simple comment on that subject.
Some of us have been and are still members of TrafficWave and even Aweber and Get Response.  I am one of those people and the reasons I have not closed TW and other AR’s are varied. And here are some of the reasons:

1.  I have subscribers in TW that I don’t want to lose.
2.  In some areas, there are advantages to using TW because of features that AIOP hasn’t included.

So why am I promoting AIOP and not Traffic Wave?

This is easy.

1.  AIOP offers more tools than TW for a lot less cost. The 2 main reasons and areas where I feel AIOP has more strength is
a)  The compensation plan. Because of the $10 commissions on basic membership and the odd number referrals being passed up. the earnings are unlimited. All even number referrals are passed up to the sponsor and then kept permanently by the sponsor.  (Pass up members never are passed up further and their even number referrals are passed up also.)  Passed up members are not figured into the odd, even rules, they are just permanent first level members. That’s why you always need to look at “Show Down lines” an indication of where your income comes from.

Think on that until you understand how powerful that is. Re- read it and grasp the understanding.

b)  AIOP offers webhosting that is all you ever need unless you are going to post mostly videos and movies.  TW does not have hosting except for its lead capture pages.

c)  TW is a forced matrix and is limited in width and even in depth. There is an old rule in MLM programs that you build width for income and you build depth for stability. I believe that AIOP has been able to meet that objective and still not be an MLM.  And AIOP is NOT and MLM, it pays only for first level people.

d)  The average person never refers more than 2 people.  So you don’t have to be a master referrer.  But you do in TW if you want to succeed.  Yet you can build a width of many more that 2 people because of the pass up feature.  I can prove that because I have never referred more than 2 people in AIOP myself and yet my width on the first level is 16.

I could go on, but just take it from me that AIOP is the right place to be and the Task Force echo Team build is the right team to be on. and NOW is the right time to commit to building your own personal team.


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