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The Downliner - The Ultimate Cooperative

Always interesting to hear an owners point of view regarding his business.

“People have been asking me “Why are your prices so low yet i still have signups using your traffic?”

My answer is this:
I’ve been marketing for over 14 years and have tried everything from Cost Per Click advertising (very expensive ads via google, bing, etc), to Traffic Exchanges and Blogs but the results are always the same.
plenty of views but very little to show for it.

So in all this time i have had the chance to test every form of advertising and in every single one of them something is lacking.


Every marketer is promoting something for a reason so in effect we are all working toward the same goal. Why not turn that goal into a collective term and work together?

That’s why i built The Downliner. You are always around likeminded people and you always have support whether its in the live skype room or the ticketing system.

We are all here to help and this is something you will not find in any other traffic generation system and to solidify this we like to keep the cost competitive.

Where else will you find a system that charges less than 10 dollars for nearly 6,000 views to your campaigns each month?
(and we are talking about real traffic here)

Where else will you find a system that offers you even more savings with a guaranteed 85,000 views and a full years membership with commissions for less than 150 dollars?

We are not here to take your money and give you worthless traffic. We let other sites do that.

We are here to provide you a service with a friendly layout and active membership.

We are the only system to add more features in the last 8 months than any site in the last 10 years and we’ve not finished yet!

There are times when a certain feature will force the site to increase its cost but if you are already upgraded this will not affect you and you will receive all the benefits of the new features!

No one site can guarantee signups so we are not going to make that promise but from the results we have seen over the last 8 months your chances of conversion are certainly improved with The Downliner.

So why not give us a go and join us in the Skype room. We would love to meet you!

The Downliner”

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