Work with the workers

A team is great, but often a few people really do their work. The active referrals could be all in the span of one to ten percent depending of the business and how well you communicate with your downline. I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay in tune with your downline. Answer their question, propose tools and places for their ads. But there’s a saying; “Work With The Workers” and this quote or saying is from SFI.

SFI have a very low percent of active people. Mostly for the reason, I guess, that their ad say, it’s FREE. Nothing wrong with that, because it’s true. But it attracts those tire kickers and watchers. However with that in mind it doesn’t bother me anymore and as said earlier, it goes for every online business with referrals and downlines.

That knowledge and mindset helps me when I see people leave the ship. “Work with the workers”! Don’t waste your time with those who don’t follow you and duplicate your work. Of course, initially you have to convince those inactive for the benefits. But there’s a point it will be useless.

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