Easy Email Marketing Plus Lesson One

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Welcome to your first lesson in the Easy Email
Marketing Crash Course. Over the next few days, you
will see several lessons that will help you learn
the ins and outs of optimizing your email marketing
campaigns for better results.

In this first lesson, let's talk a little about
planning your email marketing campaigns.

When it comes to email marketing your best chance of
success is to create a plan based on the products and
services that you want to promote. A good plan always
starts with your product funnel, which leads to your
content marketing plan, which leads to your email

The following steps will help you increase the results
of your email marketing.

- Product Funnel

You probably already have various products and
services, but you may not have designed a product
funnel yet. A good funnel will help get a clear vision
of how everything is interconnected and works together
for cross promotion. Understanding this will help you
keep your lists and promotions organized which will
help improve your results.

- Sales Pages

Each of the products and services you plan to promote
in your campaign should have a sales page that tells
your audience the benefits of purchasing the product.
Even if you are promoting affiliate offers it is a
good idea to set up your own pre-sales page to help
convert visitors into customers. This will benefit you
in multiple ways including self-promotion, driving
traffic to your website and collecting leads.

- Multiple Email Lists

Using your autoresponder, create the lists for each
product or service that you will promote. At the
minimum, you will want a general email list for people
who visit the front page of your blog and then two
lists for each product you sell. Create one list for
people who purchased the product and one list for
people who just want more info about the particular
product. Name them appropriately, so that you know
where to put the messages based from where the
audience joins your list.

- Product Launch Calendar

Knowing when each product is being launched for new
upcoming products and or services will help you
identify which lists you can include the announcements
and information on. In addition, it will remind you to
create new sales pages, lists, blog posts and email
marketing messages for each new product.

- Publication Calendar

Based on the product launch calendar, write blog posts
and set deadlines for them to be scheduled. Ensure
that some blog posts promote the various sales pages,
and other blog posts are designed for those who
purchased already. For each message, consider who will
see it and where they come from.

- Social Media Calendar

Develop social media messages in a series based on
your blog posts that will attract your readers to
click through to your sales pages and purchase or sign
up for your email lists.

- Email Publication Calendar

Based on how everything works together above, create a
series of emails that you can edit appropriately for
each separate list that you may want to promote the
new product to. Load them into the right auto
responders, ensuring they link to the right sales
pages depending on the audience they are sent to.

- Follow-Up Messages

Don’t forget to craft all your follow-up messages too
for each product that you sell. Once sold, you will
want to keep in contact with the customer who bought
it so that you can market future products and services
to them.

By creating a plan of action to follow, you can make
sure every single time you launch a new product that
you can cross-promote other products and services
without bombarding your list with too many messages
they don’t need, thus increasing your conversion rates

If all the content you create goes together like a
puzzle to promote all of your products and services in
a seamless way, it’ll be that much easier each time to
set up for each new product.

We have a lot to go over in the next few days if you
want to learn how to optimize your email marketing
campaigns for better results, so make sure you look
for your next lesson soon. We will be talking about
increasing conversions by keeping your email messages
short and simple.

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