Install FREE Sendinblue Chat Widget inside GoHighLevel

Hey, guys, what’s up? It’s Christine Seale the HighLevel queen, and nowadays we’re going to talk about the way to upload a free Sendinblue chat widget internal of your HighLevel. And we’re going to set this up in seven clean steps. And the primary issue we’re going to do is display you the way to deploy the chat widget on a funnel. And the second one thing we’re going to do is display you the way to deploy the chat widget internal of HighLevel so that your customers can chat with you live in actual time.

So let’s get began. So for the ones of you guys who don’t recognise, we without a doubt have a loose Facebook institution called Marketing Agency Automation Secrets where we supply away hundreds of bucks in loose schooling each unmarried week to our members. So click the link below to go check that out. OK, so step one, if you don’t already have a unfastened Sendinblue account, you may get one by the use of the hyperlink below.

Go to Sendinblue. Nerdlevel. Io and pass in advance and pause. Sign up in your loose account after which come returned.

All right. So now that you have your free account, what you’re going to do is pass ahead and log in and visit your account dashboard. You’re going to see campaigns, transactional and contacts here. So I want you to go to the plus image.

And step is deploy the chat app, so that you’re going to turn this on, it’s probably going to be towards the bottom someplace. Just pass ahead and toggle this on right here for me after which click on on Go to speak. Step 3, get began with the chat, you’re going to move in advance and customize your chat box, so pass ahead and kind in your employer call, upload your logo right here, pick your colour, pick one that fits with your brand. And you can see this fits perfectly right here.

And it’s going to present me a pleasant little preview on the right hand aspect of what it’s going to seem like. And then we’re going to click on Set Up Your Operator profile. And it’s going to go ahead and shop that. Here is my operator call.

OK, appearance, you may even upload your picture here. So I’m just going to use that for now and go beforehand and click on Install Chat and it’s going to install the chat widget for you, then what’s going to happen is it’s going to offer you some code. So step 5, you need to feature this script on your internet site, so you’re simply going to replicate this to your clipboard. OK, pass beforehand and duplicate.

And then here it says, We want to register pastime on your internet site to confirm if it really works efficaciously. So what you can do are a couple of various things. You can placed this code for your internet site rather than HighLevel. You can placed it in a funnel.

You can placed it anywhere you need. OK, so I’m going to go in advance and set this up in HighLevel. So step six is you’re going to set it up in HighLevel. So go to your account and then go to funnels and websites.

And I’m going to go beforehand and set it up on the. I’ll just placed it in this page. OK, so edit the page. And here you’re going to see settings monitoring code.

So cross in advance and paste that code in there. Now, I clicked on Save after which what we’re going to accomplish that it says Verify the script is operating nicely. We need to sign up hobby for your Web website online to verify that works flawlessly. Visit your Web site now to test OK, so now this is my view as an operator.

A chat operator. Right right here, and it says Chat is off because all operators are offline, so that’s why I didn’t see the chat window. So I’m simply going to click on turn on line. Now it says that I’m on line I’m going to go returned over here and refresh my web page and make sure that it’s working.

Oh, take a look at that. That’s outstanding. I love that. OK, and now permit’s pass again over right here, Visitor one.

Hello. Hello! Love it. Here is the notable unique bonus. So to set this chat widget up inside of your HighLevel so that your customers can speak with you through live actual time chat, all you have to do is go to the pinnacle level corporation settings.

So go beforehand and click on the little blue arrows up right here inside the right and visit organization settings right here. And all you need to do, men, is replica this code again, paste it into custom JavaScript and click on update corporation. Then when you refresh your display screen, you ought to see a bit chat widget down right here at the bottom. So you have to be able to chat that way and your customers could be able to chat with you and you could provide them actual time support interior of HighLevel.

Now, guys, this is protected in all free bills of Sendinblue. So if you need an clean manner to installation your chat widget, supply this a attempt, OK? I assume it’s simply, surely cool and I suppose you’re going to adore it. All proper. So ensure to love and subscribe so that you don’t miss any future updates from me.

I’ll see you guys next time.