Traffic To Your Home Business

A big problem for us home business owners is always the traffic to our site.
May I show my sources of traffic?
Most are free or very cheap. I prefer to show those since
I guess you have a tight budget.
It’s easy for gurus to say traffic is not any problem. You just buy the traffic. OK!

A Little Traffic Hack

You can get credits and points by showing your page or ad in Autohitters. A word of caution, don’t overuse this hack or you can be banned.

TrafficAdbar When you add a link in TrafficAdbar you get a funny looking URL for every link you submit.
Use this one when you promote and in the autohitters as well.

TrafficG In your member’s area left menu you find the button “StartPage Exchange” It looks like this:
With your user name at the end.
Use this URL as your browser’s startpage.
Put it in your autohitters with caution.

Auto Hitters which works well in this context, no need for the same user name:

Cheap and FREE Traffic

Here I bought 200.000 hits here mainly for my business,
90 Minute Residuals.

This business is based on AIOP, so these hits go even to my downline due to the fact that the AIOP pay plan actually makes it to a win-win for both parts by supporting my downline likes this.


You may have heard about LeadsLeap. And I’m upgraded here.
I can not tell how pleased I’m with this upgrade. It’s one of the best I have done.
I get nearly one signup to my pages every week.
And the bonus is that I put my active AIOP members in a slot together with the hits I mentioned above in TopDog.

Talking about credits. If you use traffic exchanges like those on the top of this page, this little tool can be very handy.

I Know Why You Are
Not Getting Traffic

Along with LeadsLeap above, I’m very impressed with this e-Book.
It was a long time ago I read something like this. A real eye-opener.

I really urge you to have a look at this book which you may have seen in an ad before.
However, that makes it not bad.
Read it and it will totally change your mind and knowledge about online internet marketing.

I’m talking about:

Click the Picture Above To Have a Look