Why success philosophies don’t work

Some people said success philosophy is just a short-term motivation.

They are right.

It is a short-term motivation to them because they have not internalized the philosophy.

The philosophy is not part of their belief system.

To make a success philosophy work, you’ve to internalize it.

When you do, it will be reflected in your decision, then your action, and finally your achievement.

I have some success philosophies that I have internalized.

For example, one philosophy I believe is if I cannot get what I want, that’s because something better is waiting for me.

In times of failure, instead of focusing on the loss, I would look for the better thing that was waiting for me.

True enough, better things always happened.

There was a reason why I was able to internalize those success philosophies.

In my early 20s, during the period when I was searching for ways to succeed, someone invited me to a business talk.

During the business presentation, I was introduced to the idea of multilevel, the idea of 1 refers 4, 4 refer 16, 16 refer 408 and on and on.

It was the first time I was introduced to this concept and I was like ‘Wow, that’s an ingenious concept!’

I joined the business immediately.

I was with that MLM company for about 1 year and had a team of downlines with me.

Being a self-help junkie, I always shared what I had learnt with my downlines.

They loved it.

The more I learned, the more I taught. This went on for about a year.

Till today, I can recite many success philosophies.

I feel that teaching success philosophies is important.


Because teaching is the best way to internalize what you’ve learnt.

Remember this,

What you’ve learnt belongs to your teacher. What you’ve taught belongs to you.

You haven’t learnt a thing unless you can teach it.

If you haven’t been teaching what you’ve learnt, please do. The person who teaches benefits the most!

Now with the Internet, there are many ways you can share what you’ve learnt.

You can share it in a blog, newsletter, ebook, podcast, video, etc. The side benefit is, as you share, you are also build traffic, list and relationship too.

Remember, the one who learns most is the teacher, not the student.

To your success,
Kenneth Featured 5-Star Ad a LeadsLeap Member

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